The company focuses on the entire range of citrus products.

Our leading products are those derived from the fruits of Bergamot, Lemon and Mandarin that produce at our essences extraction facilities (peelers, wipers), as well as with our molecular distillers, concentrators and fractionation columns. Thus, we are able to offer a wide range of products from all citrus essences, including those not of our production, which we source directly at the origin, where, thanks to the volumes purchased, we can enjoy very competitive prices.

Just as an example, for all citrus essences we can offer versions without furocoumarine, bleach, terpeneless or enriched fractions.

Cilione - Products


The way it was intended

  • Lemon oil cp winter grade
  • Lemon oil cp summer grade
  • Green Lemon oil cp
  • Lemon oil distilled
  • Lemon oil phase
  • Lemon terpenes
  • Lemon oil 5 fold
  • Lemon oil (Furocoumarine Free)

The highest quality

  • Green Mandarin oil cp
  • Yellow Mandarin oil cp
  • Red Mandarin oil cp
  • Mandarin oil distilled
  • Mandarin terpenes
  • Mandarin oil terpeneless
  • Mandarin oil 4 fold
  • Mandarin oil colourless (Furocoumarine Free)

They sets the standard

  • Blond Orange oil cp
  • Blood Orange oil cp
  • Blood Orange colourless
  • Bitter Orange oil cp
  • Orange oil phase
  • Orange terpenes
  • Orange oil terpeneless
  • Orange oil 5 and 10 fold

The finest on Earth

  • Bergamot oil cp
  • Bergamot oil Bergaptene free
  • Bergamot oil rectified (Furocoumarine free)
  • Bergamot oil distilled
  • Bergamot terpenes
  • Bergamot oil terpeneless
  • Bergamot oil 3 fold

To meet your every need

  • Tangerine oil (Murcot-Cravo-Dancy)
  • Grapefruit oil (white-pink-red)
  • Tahiti lime oil
  • Mexican lime oil (type A and type B)
  • Mexican distilled lime oil
  • Clementine oil